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facebookSHAREtwitterTWEETemailwhatsappImogen Wellford has been a busy bee.

She’s only five andshe’s already published a book.

It’s true. Not only that, she could end up as a Guinness World Records holder for being the youngest published author.

Her book is about a tree in her backyard that was chopped down because it was blocking the plumbing system at her family’s Cooks Hill home.

Having paid $10,000 to fix the plumbing problem, the family decided the large African olive tree had to go. It came down in February.

Imogen took a twig from the tree to “show and tell” at her school, The Junction Public.

The other kindy kids loved thestory she told about the tree.

Imogen’s mum is an author. As such, Imogen was keen to write a book, too.

Now was her chance.

Her mum wrote her words down and, with few changes, they became the book’s story.

The book is titled Tree Story, which was being promoted as “a simple tale of life, death and renewal through the eyes of a child reflecting on the life cycle of a tree in her backyard”.

Imogen said she did lovethe tree. As such, she was keen to tell “everyone in the whole world my story –even people who don’t know me”.

Asked if she missed the tree, she said “yes and no”.

“I miss it because it had such beautiful leaves, but now [that it’s gone] we can see the stars at night,” she said.

As for that world record, there is a bit of controversy around the matter.

Guinness World Records lists the youngest commercially published author as Dorothy Straight.

Dorothy, of Washington DC, wrote thebook How the World Beganin 1962 at age four. However –this bit is crucial – she was six when the book was published.

Topics will be sure to keep an eye on the outcome.

The book is due for releaseon May 28. Itwill be available for purchase at selected bookstores in Newcastle, Canberra and Sydneyand online through opheliawest苏州美甲学校.

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